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  • Popularity of React.js
  • Why Outsource React.js Development Company?
  • Benefits of Outsourcing React.js Web Development

React.js is a popular and efficient JavaScript web app development framework that enables startups and big companies to create efficient and robust applications with scalability. It is a framework that is steadily gaining popularity amongst app developers and business organizations. In this blog, we will see why React.js is popular and go through some of the major benefits of this technology.

Popularity of React.js

React.js ranks second in the list of top used web app development frameworks by 35.9%. It is…

Big giants like NASA, GoDaddy, Netflix, and PayPal have influenced everyone to use Node.js development services after providing the best features in their applications by using Node.js. The major perks of using Node.js for your project are high agility, time-to-market, highly functional app development support, and dynamic Node.js web apps. We will go through various reasons that can help you understand that Node.js is the best choice for your next developing project.

Why is Node.js so popular?

Node.js is a famous JavaScript framework. It enables the developers to create robust and complex web apps. It is a framework that smoothens the communication between the client…

With the increasing popularity of the digital platform for every type of business in the world, more organizations are attracted to the digitization concept. The demand for more digital platforms has increased the requirement for server-side app development technologies. And when it comes to backend technology, Node.js and PHP are at the top of the list.

Both Node.js and PHP are the topmost backend development technologies that have similar features but at the same time, they have different approaches and techniques for app development. …

With the extensive usage of smartphones, the demand for unique, user-friendly, and robust mobile applications is increasing day by day. Already there are a lot of apps available in the market but with increasing competition in the mobile app world, every business organization wants to provide something unique to its user. When it comes to providing something new, every developer’s choice is the React Native framework.

React Native is one of the most popular open-source mobile app development frameworks. It offers a fast track solution to completion and works perfectly on targeted platforms. …

React and React Native two most popular technologies that are used in creating user-friendly applications and websites. Both own widely used websites and mobile applications. These technologies by Facebook simplify the development process and make the user interface more comfortable. But app developers generally get confused between these two. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the difference between React and React Native.

What is React?

React.js is a popular JavaScript library that enables developers to create a user interface for both websites and mobile applications. The React.js development company can develop single-page applications for businesses using this library. …

Angular is one of the most popularly used frameworks with best-designed practices and tools for app development companies. Angular encourages the developers to use components to split the user interface into reusable and different pieces. There are many popular Angular component libraries available in the market that can help the Angular development companies create a robust application for their clients.

In this blog, we will go through some of the most popular Angular component libraries that one can use in 2021.

Why Use Angular Component Libraries?

Angular components are created by using Angular and TypeScript. These components are implemented with Google’s material design. It also…

The development team of Angular releases two versions of it every year. Being a product of Google, Angular is very popular and trustworthy which makes its all versions very reliable. Web app development companies wait for Angular to launch new versions with the latest and improved tactics that can be used to provide unexpected results to the users. There are around 97k websites all around that world created using AngularJS. And now, to increase this number and provide new updates to the users, Angular 10 has been launched.

Angular 10 came to life on 24 June 2020 but this time…

With more and more businesses going digital, app development companies have started creating more unique and robust applications & websites for their clients. For developing interactive web applications to boost the user-experience, everyone prefers the two most popular frameworks, namely — NodeJS and AngularJs.

These two JavaScript technologies are similar yet different from each other. They have varied functionalities and performance levels when it comes to creating applications. Which to choose is a difficult task. Therefore, in this blog, we will understand the ins and outs of both frameworks.

What is a JavaScript Framework?

When any developer thinks of creating a platform for its client…

The hunt for PHP developers in the virtual world always heeded high on the priority list. Although being one of the oldest languages, PHP still has the potential to provide a high-notch result in the IT sector. Almost every project seems to be dependent on PHP development. After all, this is some real business we are talking about; making mistakes is not acceptable. Choosing one from the ocean can be insanely tricky; therefore interviewing a lot of candidates to hire the best among them for your PHP development company is the wise decision to make.

Now you must be wondering…

The Angular framework is here around for almost ten years. It is introduced and used by Google to build robust software products. This framework is developed by the same team that created the AngularJs framework. Angular is the most popular framework and ranks in the top five amongst other web app development frameworks. Angular is famous because it is equipped with robust components that help developers create readable, easy-to-use, and maintainable codes. To use this modern Angular framework, having knowledge of TypeScript is necessary.

Today, we will gather some necessary information about Angular and know its pros and cons that…

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