Is Creating Mobile Application With React Native the Best Choice?

With the extensive usage of smartphones, the demand for unique, user-friendly, and robust mobile applications is increasing day by day. Already there are a lot of apps available in the market but with increasing competition in the mobile app world, every business organization wants to provide something unique to its user. When it comes to providing something new, every developer’s choice is the React Native framework.

React Native is one of the most popular open-source mobile app development frameworks. It offers a fast track solution to completion and works perfectly on targeted platforms. Besides this, it is cheaper than other JavaScript frameworks.

In this blog, we will learn more about React Native and understand why it is the best choice when it comes to creating mobile applications.

What Is React Native?

React Native is a popular JavaScript framework that enables developers to write native rendering mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. It is a framework by Facebook. React Native aims to help in creating user interfaces for mobile applications. The applications by React Native are a combination of XML -Esque markup and JavaScript, known as JSX.

The React Native developers can create production-ready applications. Some of the companies that are already doing it are Facebook, TaskRabbit, and Palantir. These companies use React Native in producing the user-facing app.

Reasons to choose React Native for Developing Mobile Apps

Let us have a look at a few points that show us why choosing React Native for creating mobile apps is the best choice to make.

The React Native applications offer amazing performance. It gives a near-native performance by providing various native components like Text, Image, and View. With the use of this framework, the React Native development company can offer a real mobile application to the users. This means that it is not an HTML5 or a hybrid application.

With a little bit of optimization in the native code, the performance of React Native applications can be taken to a next level. Besides this, to have an app with a maximum performance level, the developers can have features in both native codes and React Native.

React Native is a framework that provides various components like animation, clipboard, progress bar, scrollable list, and more. All these components help to speed up the app development process and support to reload the hot features that save a lot of time.

React Native offers libraries like Redux and Awesome React Native helps the developers to complete the mobile app development companies to work faster in the app creation process.

The React Native developers can create unique UIs with the help of pre-built components like Button, Picker, Slider, and Switch. It also enables creating components with Touchable Opacity and Touchable Native Feedback. Besides this, React Native developers will also find many Android and iOS-specific components in this framework.

React Native has more than 2000 contributors and 92.5k GitHub stars. Big giants like Infinite Red, Microsoft, Callstack, and Software Mansion have contributed a lot to React Native. On websites like Native Directory and, many React Native libraries are created by the community of React Native developers. Besides this, if you are creating an app using this framework and need help or want a solution for any query, you can visit sites like StackOverflow and Codementor.

React Native is a framework whose coding style is similar to React and JavaScript. So, if anyone is familiar with these two technologies, he can easily learn and work with React Native. The official documentation of this framework is beginner-friendly. Besides this, there are many online tutorials available in the market for this framework.

When it comes to developing a completely new software application for mobile can cost a lot of money. But with the React Native framework, it is possible to create at an affordable rate. React Native is a framework that is handled by Facebook. This makes it offer a big JavaScript library that can enhance the application performance and revolutionize the workflow of it to a greater extent.

React Native is the most preferred framework by app development companies to create Minimum Viable Products (MVP). These products offer scalability and flexibility. React Native is the best choice for MPV development, offering unmatched UX, and supporting quick development. React Native app development companies choose this framework for not only quick development but also for saving a lot of money.

React Native is a framework that is compatible with third-party plugins and offers smoother run-time. It has well-diversified modules that can make the involvement of third-party plugins very easy. Here, without using WebView, the React Native developers can easily link the module to the plugin with the use of Native Module. This entire phase is the reason behind the faster response level of the React Native app’s features.

Popular Mobile Applications Build with React Native

According to a survey by Statista, 42% of the developers worldwide are using React Native. It is the most popularly used cross-platform framework. There are many popular mobile applications in the market that are built using React Native. Some of these applications are -

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Shopify
  • Skype
  • Pinterest
  • NerdWallet

To Wrap Up With

As seen in this blog, React Native has a big community of developers which makes it the most reliable cross-platform app development framework. Besides, being a new technology, React Native keeps coming up with something new and better. With this framework, React Native app development company can easily create a user-friendly application and publish it to Google Play Store. It also enables developers to create TV devices. Basically, the React Native framework offers an easy app development process with the use of a single code base.

There is no doubt that in this interesting era of mobile app development, React Native is the best choice for the developers to create an app.

I am Nelly Nelson and writes about emerging technology. I focusing on the latest technology, news, gadgets.

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