NodeJS! Is it The Best Option for Your Project Development?

Big giants like NASA, GoDaddy, Netflix, and PayPal have influenced everyone to use Node.js development services after providing the best features in their applications by using Node.js. The major perks of using Node.js for your project are high agility, time-to-market, highly functional app development support, and dynamic Node.js web apps. We will go through various reasons that can help you understand that Node.js is the best choice for your next developing project.

Why is Node.js so popular?

Node.js is a famous JavaScript framework. It enables the developers to create robust and complex web apps. It is a framework that smoothens the communication between the client and server-side. And this divides the workload between the server and the client. Besides, it is listed as the most popularly used web app development framework by the Node.js developers by 51.4% as per Statista.

Top 11 Reasons to Consider NodeJS for your Next Developing Project

1. Demand in Market

With popular companies like LinkedIn, PayPal, and Uber using the Node.js framework, it has become more popular in the market. It comes with various innovative features and functionalities that make people use Node.js apps. Therefore, whenever you decide to settle on professional decisions and extend the employability range of capabilities, Node.js can be a perfect choice.

2.Very Easy to Learn

Being a framework that is based on JavaScript, Node.js is perfect for beginners or seasoned developers. The reason behind it is that JavaScript is easy to learn as a programming language and most app developers are familiar with it. Besides, JavaScript is a language that has evolved in the past few years and has become the best fit for modern app development needs. Therefore, it is easy to understand Node.js and it also teaches something new to the experts every time they work on it.

3. The browser and Server-side Development

Node.js is a web app development framework that shows support for feature-rich and highly complex business apps. Node.js provides flexibility to the developers for using the same code on the server-side and the browser. This encourages the easy application of the logic and agile Node.js app development for businesses.

4. Largest Package Ecosystem Ever

When it comes to the package registry for the code of Node.js, npm is added to the system. The npm here will have the capacity of handling 300 new packages on a daily basis. This makes it the largest package ecosystem. It enables prompt support for the Node.js app development companies.

5. Creating a real-time web application

Creating real-time apps and multitasking apps like gaming and chat applications becomes easier for Node.js development service providers as Node.js comes with an array of unique features. Node.js enables the developers to take care of the multi-user requirements and the WebSocket handles the real-time power of the applications. The protocol allows two-way communication between the client and server.

6. Enables easy sharing

With Node.js powering the closeness of the NPM, it becomes easy for the Node.js developers to share the code with others. There are around 50K bundles in the storehouse for the designers to start working on the project. This enables the developers to share and reuse the code without any issue. This feature of Node.js is very beneficial to web app development companies as they can use the dynamic ready-to-use bundle for designing the application.

7. JavaScript is Everywhere

The reason behind the popularity of Node.js is JavaScript. Node.js uses JavaScript as its main technology for developing an application. Besides, for creating a new web app in the browser, JavaScript is the only choice a Node.js developer has. For the Node.js framework, JavaScript has made changes in the revolution on the server-side. Because of this, JavaScript frameworks are becoming more popular.

8. It is Lightweight

Generally, Node.js apps use event-driven architecture. It means that every operation is executed on it. This is called an asynchronous callback series. Unlike other web app technologies, it enables Node.js developers to easily run single-threaded apps. Because of this, the applications are lightweight and also creates the base for non-blocking I/O feature.

9. Easy to Maintain and Modify

If you don’t update your company website it will look outdated after some time. And this makes it rigid towards the changes. Therefore, if the application is created using Node.js is will keep updating as the technology gets updated. This means that the Node.js developers will make changes in the functionalities whenever there is something new with Node.js. And this can be done without changing the source code.

10. Lightning Fast

Node.js uses V8 of JavaScript programming language. The V8 provides the capability to compile and execute JavaScript at a faster rate. The reason behind it is that V8 compiles the JavaScript code in the native machine. Besides this, Node.js offers an event loop that performs the single-threaded I/O operations. This can make the Node.js applications very robust.

11. Best for Data Streaming

Hiring a Node.js development company for creating audio/video streaming applications is the best choice. Its development team can create an application that transcodes the audio and video files while the media is getting uploaded. Besides, the I/O helps in saving the processing time. In addition to this, Node.js has the capability to read/write the WebSocket streams and this results in easy execution of media in real-time.

What types of Applications can be Created using Node.js?

  1. Single Page Web Apps
  2. Web Applications
  3. Audio/Video Streaming Apps
  4. APIs
  5. Chat Applications


The above-listed benefits of Node.js clearly specify the reason behind it being developers’ favorite framework. Node.js enables the developers to multitask and utilize its functionalities for frontend development, backend development, and full-stack development. Node.js gives a lot of benefits to any type of project. Therefore it can be the best option for your next project.

I am Nelly Nelson and writes about emerging technology. I focusing on the latest technology, news, gadgets.

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