PHP vs. Node.js: Which one is Better for Your Next Development Project?

With the increasing popularity of the digital platform for every type of business in the world, more organizations are attracted to the digitization concept. The demand for more digital platforms has increased the requirement for server-side app development technologies. And when it comes to backend technology, Node.js and PHP are at the top of the list.

Both Node.js and PHP are the topmost backend development technologies that have similar features but at the same time, they have different approaches and techniques for app development. Here in this blog, we will go through both these technologies, learn about them and the difference between them, so that you can wisely choose the better-suited technology for your next project.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a popular JavaScript environment that provides everything an app developer needs to execute any program which is written in JavaScript. It came into existence when the engineers needed something that can keep running as an independent application on the machine.

Node.js uses JavaScript for creating enterprise-level apps and writing command-line tools. Some of the best features of Node.js are — event-driven & asynchronous, single-thread, and highly scalable apps.

The popular applications created using Node.js are PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber, and GoDaddy.

Advantages of Node.js

Here are the advantages of Node.js -

Node.js is popular amongst app developers because of its flexibility that it has to offer. With this technology, there are no strict rules that the Node.js development company needs to follow. But there are some guidelines that the developers have to follow while using it.

When we talk about Node.js, it’s clear that it is an individual language that enables the use of a single language over the app development stack. This is very advantageous as the use of individual language can enhance the front-end and back-end functionalities of the application.

JSON is something that works finest with Node.js and enables the Node.js developers to create a better website. Besides, JSON provides a lightweight format of data to Node.js applications.

With Node.js, the developers can create non-blocking I/O apps that can easily serve many concurrent events. Besides, Node.js developers can easily create highly-scalable server-side solutions.

Disadvantages of Node.js

Here are the disadvantages of Node.js -

Node.js follows a complex app development structure that makes it difficult for the developers to write code for some types of applications.

Node.js offers access to various third-party modules that can be used by the developers to create robust applications. But being an immature ecosystem, Node.js cannot entirely handle it. Especially when there is continuous inconsistency in the version, it becomes difficult for the Node.js team to handle it.

When it comes to the coding speed of Node.js, it is very low because of the complex coding structure it follows. It takes a lot of time for the Node.js app developers to code an app.

What is PHP?

PHP is a popular open-source scripting language that enables developers to create server-side solutions. To work with this language, the PHP developers need to have basic scripting language knowledge. It is embedded in HTML and manages the databases, dynamic content, session tracking & more. Besides, PHP is a language that is integrated with various databases like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase.

Some of the most popular apps created using PHP are Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, and WordPress.

Advantages of PHP

Here are the advantages of PHP -

PHP is known as one of the easiest scripting languages to understand and learn. This language has a well-organized and logical syntax which has easy to understand functions for PHP developers.

PHP is a language with huge potential and efficiency. With high scalability, it helps the developers to write codes that can create huge applications.

PHP is popular for the flexibility it offers to the developers while working with an ongoing or new project. And when the developer is working with a scripting language, flexibility is very important as it saves a lot of development time at each stage.

PHP is available free of cost in the market. There is no need for a PHP development company to buy a license. This language works easily with various databases like Apache, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Disadvantages of PHP

Here are the disadvantages of PHP -

There are chances that the unexpected bugs hit the code and it can slow the program. It can even get interpreted.

With PHP being the open-source language, everyone can see your entire source code. If there are any issues with the code or there are bugs in it then the people who utilize that code will be exposed to weakness.

PHP is poor when it comes to error handling methods. It doesn’t allow the team at PHP development company to come up with the perfect solution. The majority of the PHP experts face his problem.

Market Share of Both Node.js and PHP

When we talk about the two most popular technologies — Node.js and PHP, it is essential to talk numbers. Especially when these technologies are observing such heights.

Node.js ranks first in the list of top used frameworks by the app developers in the year 2020 by 51.4%. While on the other hand, PHP is one of the top 10 most used programming languages in the year 2020 by 26.2%.

Comparison Between Node.js and PHP

Let us explore the differences between the top two technologies — Node.js and PHP.

1. Frameworks

One can see a huge number of frameworks with Node.js that are growing with the community. But one might not get as many options as there are with PHP. Some of the popular Node.js frameworks are Sails.js, Meteor.js, and Express.

While on the other hand, the cans with PHP are a bit different. It comes with a vast list of app development frameworks. Some of these frameworks are Symphony, CakePHP, FuelPHP, and Laravel. These frameworks help PHP developers to create a domain within the world of web development.

2. Databases

Node.js is a technology that has various libraries to get to SQL. It uses JSON for connecting to the NoSQL database.

While PHP works great with the MySQL database. It offers support to various databases like PostgreSQL and MariaDB.

3. Synchronous and Asynchronous

The implementation of the codes is different in different languages. Node.js is an asynchronous technology. It doesn’t implement the code of the program in an accurate sequence. In Node.js, if one function of the code takes time then the entire queue is sent and after that, it jumps to the next function.

On the other hand, with PHP the execution of the code is simultaneous. It implements the code with succession. Therefore, if one function of the code takes time to perform, then it won’t go to the next.

To Wrap up With — How can You Make the Right Choice?

After learning about both Node.js and PHP, choosing the right technology would become easier for any developer of their client’s next project. For instance, Node.js will be a perfect choice if you want to create real-time applications like collaborative apps or instant messaging apps. And if the developer goes with PHP, it will help them create a standardized solution like a web portal, news website, or blog.

Therefore, the selection depends on the type of solution the developer has to create as per the client’s requirements.

I am Nelly Nelson and writes about emerging technology. I focusing on the latest technology, news, gadgets.

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