PHP Web Patterns That Will Dominate By 2020

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PHP is an open-source framework with a general-purpose scripting language that benefits the overall web development process.

Content management system, web templates as the components and the modules, daemon, CGIs as the tools of the framework, create the HTTP response when implemented on the web-server. The command-line interface also accomplishes the same objective with the arbitrary PHP code.

Do you know that it is an operating system that is free-to-use on every available platform? From a recent survey in July 2020, it has come to light that there are more than 50% websites worldwide that are still using the discontinued versions of PHP.

Even though some of the top companies are using it to their advantage, PHP framework is facing criticism for being moderate and old-fashioned. But the winds might change its directions with the new upcoming PHP version when the recent trends are already disrupting the entire industry.

Top PHP trends that can help your company website

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First, let’s get a simple overview of some trends that might be helpful to the PHP development company.

  1. Integration of PHP and Cloud to Create Web Applications.
  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  3. User Interface Trends.
  4. IoT and PHP Web Development Tools will go Together.
  5. PHP secure for your Website.
  6. PHP Websites to Use Smart Chatbots.

The new upcoming version of PHP is said to be power-packed with the top features and functions which helps the PHP application development company to simplify the complexity of the projects. However, the learning curve was already short from the release of the initial version.

This upcoming version might bring some drastic changes in the framework for building applications. And that seems to result in its intensive use in some of the functional areas.

But the current extensive use of the PHP is already enough to keep it trending while working alongside the latest technologies. And we’ll be discussing the same in this post.

I’m confident you landed here on this particular post to get to know more about these trends only. So, hold on to your curiosity while we take the ride.

1. Integration of PHP and Cloud to Create Web Applications

Many companies have already started bearing the fruits of using cloud computing with PHP development tools. And in the running year too, with the current scenario, more and more companies have started adopting this technology.

Cloud computing helps the PHP developer boost the company website and it’s highly cost-effective with no need for setting up the necessary infrastructure.

This unique web solution offers the PHP application development companies a chance of scalability through improved connectivity and total flexibility.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google and Twitter joined hands to address the issue of slower web page loading in the mobile web-searches. This collaboration leads to the initiative, which resulted in the creation of Accelerated Mobile Page.

It is an open-source design for mobile-friendly websites. This plug-in strips the web pages to its simplicity and then loads it rapidly for the mobile web browsers.

Do you have any idea that the PHP application development companies advise businesses to use this feature to improve their ranking in the online business directories like Google and Linkedin?

Now, that you know the secret above, use it well to achieve a competitive advantage in the business realm.

3. User Interface Trends

Being the talk-of-the-town, UIs enables the PHP developer to provide the best user experience. This trend is famously known as the Receptive web which uses the HTML and CSS, to regulate the website for its appearance.

It doesn’t matter what type of gadget you are using, whether it is a mobile, a laptop, a tablet or a desktop, UIs always serve according to the user behavior.

Yes, you have guessed it right. While catering to different users, the web page’s UIs analyses the user’s behavior. For when the user comes back again, the web application could offer similar choices of experience that have been previously defined by the user’s behavior pattern on the web page.

4. IoT and PHP Web Development Tools will go Together

PHP works on scripting the language for web pages to create a very responsive website with elegant design. Now, while PHP is behind the receptive-web for enhanced user experience, the IoT is cherry on the top.

With the help of IoT, machine upgrades automatically by learning things on their own. Also, it increases the connectivity by connecting every available device on the internet.

It might pique your interest to know that PHP alone is responsible for offering the best end-user experience along with building very responsive websites. Then think if this gets connected with automated machine learning or IoT, it may open many doors of the future like building smart cities, etc.

There lies an ample of opportunities in this field. The PHP development companies just need to procure them.

5. PHP secure for your Website

While the whole world is going digital, the security of the user’s data has become crucial more than ever. The recent time calls for a robust firewall that could protect the web applications from any kind of possible threat or cyber-attacks.

With the numerous PHP frameworks, picking one for the task is difficult. But after some research and tests, Laravel is mainly used for web application protection worldwide.

And the frameworks with proper documentation like phalcon are chosen for asset management while some lightweight-framework like Codeigniter for an end to end encryption.

Have you ever wondered what kind of security the mobile or eCommerce platforms might be keeping? Well, PHP application development companies integrate the payment gateway system in their applications for the protection of their online users.

6. PHP Websites to Use Smart Chatbots

Businesses need someone 24*7 to listen to their customer’s queries and requirements which is not humanly possible. But with the automation in trend among every sector, that has become achievable.

That may give us an alternate option of chatbots. This framework has an open-source language. And the PHP developers find it easy to build some chatbots or so-called “conversation agents” with it in very little time.

The idea here is to create a software application that interacts with human customers in a simple text-to-text type conversational manner.

Because of having human interaction, chatbots are tuned and tested periodically. They are not even allowed to perform in the real world before passing the Turing tests to the industrial standards.

Until now, we have looked over some trends that might dominate the running year, but generally, this framework is also very beneficial to the PHP developer for building applications. Allow me to narrate them briefly.

Benefits of Using PHP

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  • It is easy and reliable to use for application development.
  • It is fast but stable in the implementation of the written code for the website.
  • Not only can it be used on any operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Linux, but it also supports numerous web servers.
  • Creating applications for computers becomes effortless and can write code for both the static and dynamic web pages.
  • PHP is a programming tool for the procedural and object-oriented approach used in creating applications.
  • The framework has many similarities with Java and C but updated from time-to-time.

By discussing the benefits and the current trend of PHP development, I’m sure you are pretty convinced to take advantage of this framework for your upcoming project.

Now for that, you need to have the proper infrastructure and the skilled PHP developers at your service. If that seems costly to you, then forget your worries, I have a better option just right here and only for you.

Outsourcing. Do you know that 80% of the European and the US companies are already outsourcing their software projects and the prime destination for it is INDIA?

Businesses consider this as their competitive advantage, as they outsource such projects while focusing on their strengths.

If you are having any doubts related to outsourcing your projects to an offshore PHP development company, then feel free to visit our other post on Advantages and disadvantages of Offshore Software Outsourcing. Over there, you can also find a little guide on “How to Hire an Offshore Software Development Company.”

But for your convenience let me give you a simple and brief outlook, for what you should look into a PHP development company before you outsource your project to them.

Growing PHP Web Development Outsourcing

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Here we are going to discuss the factors behind the ever-growing trend of outsourcing.

Costs: Outsourcing the projects to the PHP development company can save your money from hiring developers and setting up infrastructure for it.

Flexibility: As I already mentioned earlier, outsourcing the whole project gives your team some extra time to focus on the priority work that are the core strengths of your business.

Talent: If you are collaborating your business with a PHP development outsourcing company, you tap into the pool of talent and innovative technologies. Your team gets to work with industry experts and learn from them very significantly.

Management and processes: With so much competition, companies have started adopting agile methodologies and risk management techniques. Your product will be battle-tested before it launches in the market.

Time-effective: As we talked above of launching your product to the market, it will cheer you up to know that the outsourcing companies promise the quickest-to-market time, which is very crucial for business.

Also, the outsourcing companies have time-difference of 10–12 hours, more often termed as the 24*7 availability to the businesses which assign the project.

Wrapping it all up

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the web patterns that will dominate in 2020. And the brief outlook which I provided about the PHP application development companies, might become useful for you.

I have specially compiled this post for your benefits and to spread the awareness about how PHP is still rocking the boat.

If you are also using PHP for some breakthroughs or you have something to share, then please share it in the comment section below. Interacting leads to growth which is good for the PHP developer’s community.

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