Why Choose ReactJS for Your Next App Development Project?

With the constant evolution of the ecosystem of front-end development, new tools are being released every day. With more and more libraries & frameworks coming out in the market, it becomes difficult for the web development companies to choose the best one.

In front-end development, we have noticed that Angular is a default choice of many business owners, but there is another front-end development framework named ReactJS that is becoming popular by each passing day. Research by Statista says that ReactJS is the second highest used web framework amongst web app developers worldwide, with 35.9% in early 2020.

In this blog, let us know more about ReactJS and see why it can be your choice for the next web development project.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a well-known Javascript library by Facebook. It helps in creating highly responsive and dynamic user interfaces. ReactJS is an efficient, declarative, and flexible library. A component-based architecture comes out as a very efficient solution for creating front-end apps for web and mobile apps.

ReactJS focuses on creating appealing applications and demands a minimal coding effort. With its remarkable features, it enables ReactJS Development Company to develop simple and scalable web applications.

Key Benefits of ReactJS Development

The overall performance of the application is essential to create an impact on the users. Therefore it is necessary to develop a high-volume app.

Generally, applications tend to have some hitches as they are created by following the document object model that is tree-structured. This makes the system rigid and even making a small change can cause a ripple effect. To solve this issue, Facebook’s development team has come up with a virtual document object model. This model helps ReactJS developers provide a better user experience and higher app performance to their clients.

ReactJS uses downward data flow, which ensures a more stable code. By following this type of coding structure, the parent structure doesn’t get affected by small child structure changes. The ReactJS development services providers need to modify the states of the changing object, make amendments, and then update the required components.

ReactJS is an SEO friendly library. All the online businesses require SEO to remain in the online market and be a part of the competition. The backend rendering feature of ReactJS helps the websites or applications to reduce the load time, which results in a better optimization level.

Applications have complicated logic, and any modification in any of the components can affect the others. Therefore advanced support and maintenance are a must. ReactJS allows the developers to re-use the assets and re-employee the same digital object. This feature makes any changes and updates a stress-free task.

Using the syntax free extension named JSX is the best part of scripting the components of your application. The JSX extension makes rendering HTML and subcomponent quoting an easy task. Besides this, the course codes become cleaner and more straightforward with writing shortcuts this syntax has to offer.

ReactJS is a library that was initially created for in-house use, and then it was shared with the entire world. It is supported by Facebook, which makes this library more reliable. It is maintained by both Instagram and Facebook engineering teams. Besides this, external developers also work on it to keep ReactJS maintained.

ReactJS is generally taken as a web app development framework, but it’s not all. Facebook has upgraded it, and now it can be used by ReactJS application development company for creating mobile native apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Why Choose ReactJS Application Development?

Here are some of the points that will prove why you need to use ReactJS for your next project:

JavaScript XML (JSX) is a markup syntax that is similar to HTML. It enables you to describe the appearance of the applications’ UI. It is one of the best features that ReactJS has to offer.

With the use of JSX, the ReactJS developers can create components that are almost similar to the HTML. These components can be injected into the web pages and make writing building blocks an effortless task.

One-way data flow is one of the best reasons why people choose to ReactJS. It is a unidirectional data flow, which means that the developers cannot edit any component directly. The developers must use the function to make changes in the components. This entire process is known as one-way data binding. To make the data flow from a single point, ReactJS is using FLUX, the JavaScript app architecture.

ReactJS offers one of the best features, Virtual DOM. It facilitates the ReactJS web development team with a fast and flexible development process. It has a memory reconciliation algorithm that allows React to replicate the web page. This replica is then saved in the virtual memory.

When any change is made on the web page, the Virtual DOM re-renders the entire UI, and if any components are changed, only those components are updated, not all.

When it comes to developing an engaging and interactive user interface for web and mobile apps, ReactJS is the best choice. If data modification is needed in an event, ReactJS will render and update the correct components.

For ReactJS, React Native is a custom renderer. React Native uses native components and does not use web components. Besides this, React Native helps the developers to convert the React code to make it compatible for both iOS and Android platforms.

ReactJS is created on a component-based architecture. The user interface of a React-based web or mobile application is divided into many components. Each of these components has its own logic.

ReactJS is easy to learn a framework for the developers who have basic knowledge of JavaScript. If any developer has excellent knowledge and is an expert in JavaScript, he can learn the ReactJS development in a couple of days.

Which Type of Project Benefits the Most From ReactJs?

With ReactJS, you can get easy-to-use templates for dashboards. Though these templates are heavily priced, using them is feasible as the component-based architecture of ReactJS enables you to reuse many components. Besides this, the dashboards need to continually update its UI components, for which you will need a framework that aids fast re-rendering. For this, ReactJS is the perfect solution because of its Virtual DOM.

Any eCommerce app requires rich features with a seamless UI. eCommerce apps based on ReactJS are slowly receiving traction now. Besides this, ReactJS also comes with in-built exhaustive user interface components that can be useful in developing eCommerce apps.

Since the creation of Facebook, social media applications have been the top use cases of ReactJS. In response to the user’s request, every new page needs to be reloaded on social media. Each page is created as a SPA using ReactJS. Therefore, users can get a top-notch experience. This mostly happens in apps like Twitter and Facebook. So, if you need to give such a fantastic experience to your users, ReactJS can be a perfect choice.

As we all know by now that ReactJS allows component-based architecture. This type of architecture is always best for creating large scale or enterprise web applications. With the use of component-based architecture, the developer can reuse the components and reduce the later stage’s maintenance cost.

SPAs are one of the most common use cases of ReactJS. When you choose to develop a single-page web application for your business and consult any web app development company, the first framework it will advise is ReactJS. This is because React-router is an outstanding tool to provide a single-page navigation experience. Besides this, ReactJS enables the developers to create and present complex views with the utilization of service-side rendering by React.

With the advantage of reusing the components, ReactJS can be used for creating complex user interfaces. It can also be utilized when you need to create multiple web pages with the same UI.

Progressive web apps are applications that can work offline and also use web browsers. These apps have access to the device capabilities and provide a native experience to its users. ReactJS supports progressive web apps and enables the developers to convert the existing ReactJS web applications to progressive web apps.

Popular Applications Built Using ReactJs Development Service

ReactJS is a famous JavaScript Library maintained by one of the best companies globally, Facebook. With its unique features and characteristics, ReactJs is used by every industry to create an application. There are more than 1 million websites created using ReactJS. Some of the most popular web applications built using this technology are -

  1. Airbnb
  2. Uber
  3. Facebook
  4. Netflix
  5. Dropbox
  6. Instagram
  7. WhatsApp
  8. Hubspot


As we saw in this blog, ReactJS is the perfect choice for any business app. It is a high-quality framework and is worth using. Being a component-based framework helps developers to create a seamless UI. You can ponder any ReactJS development company and get your highly engaging web app developed.

I am Nelly Nelson and writes about emerging technology. I focusing on the latest technology, news, gadgets.

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